Add these tools to your arsenal to help fight mental illness and educate yourself and those close to you. Please note, with some of the products below I make a small profit from the sales. This in no way governs what I am willing to market here as all books are reviewed prior and only if I feel it meets the very high standards I hold myself and my blog to will I put it here. Plus I respect you guys, I would never back something that is not up to par.


I have had the privilege of reviewing the book My Anxiety and Me by author Peter Fry, yes my first book review ever so I am really excited about it! And oh boy would it have sucked if the book was complete rubbish, but I lucked out with this one, it’s a very well written book about Peter’s struggle and eventual conquering of his debilitating social anxiety disorder. Now, before I go any further, I need to clarify, other than the occasional mild social anxiety I have experienced myself, I do not suffer from social anxiety disorder. However, I do suffer from general anxiety and I found this book just as helpful for me as it would anyone who has ever had a panic attack, anxiety or even stage fright.frontcoveranxiety (2)

There is nothing better than a book that is written in the first by an actual sufferer, not to knock books that have been written by doctors, they can also be very useful, but there is just something more relatable reading a book or article from a patient’s perspective.

The second best thing about this book is that it offers simple solutions to the reader, no medical jargon just straight forward down the middle layman to layman advice, it reads well and I definitely had a few “aha” moments while reading this book.

And the third best thing about this book is that it is honest, Peter offers a vivid description of his life living with his disorder, how it effected every aspect of his life and how it completely controlled every movement he made.

So it goes without saying, I completely recommend this book to anyone affected by anxiety in any way, even if it’s someone close to you that is suffering, it will definitely help you to better understand social anxiety, panic attacks and the horrible grip of anxiety in general. Please click here to purchase the book or download the downloadable version My Anxiety and me]


I was asked by author Rebecca Lombardo to review her book It’s Not Your Journey. This is a brutally honest recount of Rebecca’s struggle with living with Bipolar for over 20 years as well as dealing with heart wrenching events and how she dealt with them. What I liked most about this book is that it’s peppered with little anecdotes that Rebecca has found useful in dealing with mental illness and hopefully the reader will too. It is a short read which can be kept to reread. If you are interested in purchasinFeatured imageg this book please click here