The battle of the wills

Firstly, I’m back on Zyprexa, ergh, I know right? I seeing my doctor next week Monday. She wants to start weaning me off my benzos which is what I want to do as well but I want to wean off the Zyprexa first, it is making me gain weight again and I hate all the work I have to put in to try prevent that. Whats the difference if I’m on the benzos for a few more months? But she is adamant that the Zyprexa is the best thing to help me sleep. I’ve tried to explain to her that now that I’m working I’m really tired at night anyway. So I’m prepping for a good argument. I’m planning on making use of cannabis oil to calm me down and help me sleep at night – I’ve tried it, and it works like a charm, its expensive but worth it! So that will eliminate the benzos AND the zyprexa! I just can’t tell her that, she’s old school… Before you panic, I am on an antipsychotic already which is a once a month injectable. So basically it is my goal to only be on the mood stabiliser and the once a month anti psychotic which will bring me closer to replacing all my meds with natural remedies. This is my goal, wish me luck ya’ll!

19 thoughts on “The battle of the wills

  1. Good luck. I’m off all my medication. Anti anxiety, mood stabilisers and anti psychotic… it’s been a year and a half and it’s hard but so good to be off meds. Good luck to you. Am sure you’ll do really well. 🙂

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  2. Boy oh boy, I hear you. The worst mistake I made around 4 months ago was to tell me care coordinator that I was using the CBD oil to see if it helped with my low mood or crippling anxiety. She didn’t know anything about the oil, despite it being common knowledge that there’s a test going ahead at the moment in our area trialling it for severe depression, so each time we talk on the phone or she visits me I have to go over the same thing, she does not seem to understand that I’m not smoking ten joints a day, is convinced that I’m going to move onto cocaine next or something.

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