I love this…

As you sit day after passing day on the outskirts of your own existence wishing to be heard, wanting to be seen, waiting to be touched— do you feel the air of a certain unknown expectation slowly leaking out from your heart? Are you waiting internally, while the edges of your soul quietly fold in?

Wherever you are in this world tonight, within you plays a lasting song. While the angels sing to God’s delight, the worthwhile beauty contained inside your soul’s melodious imprint outperforms the celestial choir above. And who you are at this very moment, is so vital to who you will become.

For one day soon you will step into your own stunning universe, beyond the myths, outside any limitations or predictions, far from the illusions this life invents— as you answer the call to uncover the many starlit truths contained inside your incomparable soul. You will be reborn to fresh and glorious revelations only you can carry to completion.

And while all the infinite possibilities expand within, may you sing aloud, rejoicing in your new birth, no longer owned by anyone’s idea of who you should be.

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