My Hiatus

I haven’t been around for a while on social media and my blog, I decided I needed to bring myself towards myself, I didn’t want to blog out of obligation. Just like I didn’t want to partake in “LIKING” millions of photos of my friends babies and trips to the seaside. It started getting quite a stench of artificialness – not a word but it is now ha! I think technology is amazing and I’ve had a few good shags thanks to it, but in most cases its ever so slightly well, fake. Yes, I’ve suffered from Facebook envy, seeing people getting married and having kids and going on holiday, even though I know people only post the good stuff that’s going on in their lives, those ones that always declare their undying love for their partner meantime you know they fight like alley cats. But I do get a little jealous, silly me. I don’t want my life to stagnate, I want adventures, happy, unforgettable memories and a girl that wears flowers in her hair holding my hand. Not too much to ask? No actually it isn’t really. Now that I’m working full time I can budget for some adventures and as for my hippie girl, she’s out there somewhere, just need to put my vibes out in the most righteous and groovy way. Simple really. May peace be your journey friends x

17 thoughts on “My Hiatus

  1. There is some sort of cosmic bipolar alignment going on here as I nod my head up and down in agreement. Needed some time that I didn’t know I needed… I want to admit, though, every once in a while I like to make an ass out of myself on facebook, be a raw and honest mess, remind others that it’s okay they aren’t posting spectacular food selfies, engagement rings, or quirky “random” insanely flattering photographs, because at least they arent me online having a hissy-fit. It’s like my civic duty or some shit.

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